Coming To Terms With a Twin/Trauma Bond.

It’s possible to have an extremely potent, spiritual bond with another person, but it seems like so much of what we’re experiencing these days is an addiction to unavailable love.

It feels like a sniper has hijacked our consciousness and we are confusing their masquerade with love.

Some time ago, I had deep feelings for and was strongly attached to a woman. I couldn’t quite understand why. I was introduced to the concept of twin flames and immediately latched on to the idea. Reading endless articles, searching through various groups, and watching videos on YouTube, I tried finding the answer as to why I felt so strongly toward her.

I made up a fantasy in my mind—but the reality was that she was extremely unavailable.

She didn’t move toward me unless I chased. I contorted myself and jumped through hoops trying to win her approval. Yet at the end of the day, I still felt empty; there was an intense longing for her that ate me up every night.

I began researching more and saw that many stories of people being addicted to someone unavailable were mistakenly identified as twin flames. When we carry energetic signatures and wounded imprints of brokenness, unworthiness, and feeling unlovable, we will gravitate toward experiences and people that confirm the stories we carry.

She wasn’t a twin flame. The feeling of unavailable love was familiar to me—that’s why she felt like home. Love felt like being abandoned, being left and forgotten, so that’s the kind of women I attracted, until I learned to heal.

At first this was hard to accept. I felt strongly and didn’t want to let her go. If I let go, then I would have to deal with the emotional pain I was trying to run away from.

We get addicted to people when we don’t want to stay with ourselves and heal.

It’s easier to escape into our relationships with others by thinking they are the problem or wanting to fix them—it allows us to ignore our own responsibility.

I got to a point where I was fed up and tired of losing myself, tired of feeling invisible.

I began exploring the world at different perspectives and I finally got the answers I needed: it wasn’t her that I really wanted. The aspects of me that felt broken, unloved, and unseen needed me the most. I was running away and abandoning myself, which caused that endless cycle of despair.

My journey included integrating a healthy expression of my divine masculine energy because what was within me was an amalgamation of the flaky energetics of my father. I also awakened my divine feminine through emotional healing methods, which allowed me to open my heart. I began seeking partners from a place of love rather than a place of fear and old wounds.

These methods have changed my life and allowed me to become a self-sourced man. I don’t feel broken or unworthy anymore. This is reflected in my behavior with the lifestyle I choose to live and the partners I seek. I wake up with fulfillment and inner peace. And for the first time, I finally feel my self-worth; it isn’t in the hands of other people anymore, because I embody the feeling of divine love from the inside.

Fellow men and women, I want you to join me on this journey. It’s heartbreaking to see so many of us chasing unavailable partners who just aren’t into us. It’s not our job to parent them and raise them into something else. But, we can elevate ourselves into our sovereignty, and that will be the key to magnetizing better partners — those who are already in their power.

By addressing the energetic signatures that are calling in unavailable partners and elevating them, we can repel lower vibrations and magnetize supreme energy partners: the type of men and women who adore, cherish, and can’t resist you because your energy is amazing and luscious.

Someone will come toward you because they feel inspired to—without any force or manipulative tactics needed on your end.

When you exude wounds you attract wounded people.

When you exude divine love you attract people who truly love you.

I look back on that ex now and feel nothing—no anger or resentment, because now that I am out of that wound, I don’t get triggered by it any more. I don’t feel compelled to heal or fix my partner. I’ve healed myself and that allows me to feel free.

Let me know, have you experienced an unhealthy dynamic that you thought was a twin flame? How did it go for you?

I’d love to hear your story.

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